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Welcome to Becky's Pixie Kitchen!

Where We Help You Thrive in Your Kitchen!

Across all cultures there is one thing that is true, we all seek food that is flavorful and nourishing, to energize us and help us thrive!

Becky's Pixie Kitchen Ethos

Our ethos is based in creating educational cooking classes that promote enthusiasm, encourage curiosity, focus on techniques and recipes that are easy and repeatable.


Our goal  as culinary coaches is to pass on our Love for Cooking through learning of all aspects of it, and to make it an integral part of a balanced life.


We aim to do this with integrity and inclusivity.  Our food focus is on Seasonal, Local and Delicious Healthy eats.


Becky Waldman
Chef Becky welcomes you and hopes you enjoy your journey of culinary discovery!

-Chef Becky, Instructor and Owner


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2022 Farmer's Market Seasonal Recipes Book (Printed Copy). New collection of recipes with the foundation in farmer's market seasonal shopping to educate and help shoppers find ideas of what the possibilities are with the ingredients they purchase at their local farmer's market. This is meant to be a guide and a starting point for eating with the seasons in mind and what is available at each time of the year!

Customized Cooking Classes and Culinary Coaching

Come in to Becky's Pixie Kitchen and learn the wonders of Cooking, Baking, Plating, and Dessert decorating in a variety of class options, creatively designed to rouse curiosity and expand the mind, in a fun and exciting environment!

Cooking classes for kids and adults who want to cook at home are available for groups classes and customizable classes.

Pixie Kitchen Creations

Get your family member a gift certificate to join our cooking classes in 2023 !

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"I ordered 'Star Wars' cupcakes for my sons birthday and they were not only adorable but super yummy too.  I highly recommend Becky for your baking needs."

-Ivy Elizabeth

"Becky’s cake are amazing! She created the perfect replica of my son’s favorite pastime - an Xbox remote. The detail and intricacies were so good and to top it all off, the cake tasted delicious. My son said it was the best he had ever eaten. She definitely has a talent not just for creating a beautiful cake but also a delicious tasty one too!!! " -Theresa

"I have been ordering from Becky’s Pixie Kitchen for almost 2 years now, and honestly, I can’t think of a better person I would want to do business with. She is flexible on dates (I have more than once been late on a pick up, and she holds my order- no extra charge or hassle), her communication is great and she is very up front on all aspects of the “job”- whether that’s giving you a price up front, or keeping in contact about the design and shape of what you want. She is also willing to try new things.


I love ice cream. Really, I do. And my favorite type is cotton candy. I asked Becky to make me a cotton candy flavor, one she had never done before. I will tell you, no cotton candy ice cream can compare. It was beyond my expectations, and I can’t wait till summer rolls around so I can order more! She takes personal requests, so you are never limited to flavors.


She is very professional, having a background in culinary arts, and executes herself as a professional chief. I love her attitude, and her friendly, and downright personally manor. When I order items for my grandfather, who had type 2 diabetes, she was not only accommodating to my request, but took a genuine interest in the situation, asking me what he likes, and what would make the deserts perfect for him! She took the time to make sure I told her everything she needed to know.


Everything she makes people devour, and you really do get your monies worth. Often at Safeway or another store bakery, you are simply ordering another food line cake- Becky puts her personal touch and makes every penny worth it. I Recommend her 11/10 times (and yes, That’s 110%)."                     - Brooke Angel

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