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This is the first Book about Seasonal Recipes for the Becky's Pixie Kitchen Cooking school. It was written by Becky Waldman, Chef, Instructor, and owner of Becky's Pixie Kitchen. We are excited to bring you this new collections of recipes based on the foundation of recipes we used as demonstrations at the Farmer's Market in Manassas to educate and help shoppers find ideas of what the possibilities are with the ingredients they purchase at their local farmer's market. This is meant to be a guide and a starting point for eating with the seasons in mind and what is available at each time of the year! 

2022 Farmer's Market Seasonal Recipes Book (Printed Copy)

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Threre are 27 seasonal recipes in this book, sectioned by season. It includes a list of local fruits and vegetables you can find in our area during each season, and as they change throughout the year.  You will find more information on Becky and our values, as well as have an index to guide your journey through the book.

  • We are a small company, and our shipping resources are limited so we only ship through USPS. We ship out every Wednesday, So if it is ordered after Tuesday 11:59pm, it will be shipped the following Wednesday(7 Days later). You can also contact us at, if you are local to Northern Virginia area, to coordinate and find a time and meeting place (ex: CenterFuse, Manassas) to  pick up your copy! 

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